Geoworld Jurassic Sea Monster Eggs Build and Display (Set of 3)

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Product Description

Geoworld's Jurassic Sea Monsters set.  There is a total of (3) different specimens to collect in this series.  These prehistoric sea reptile skeletons are great for hands on learning, kids that love dinosaurs and sea retiles, parties, birthday gifts, stocking stuffs for Christmas and an all-around educational experience.

Product Features

  • (Set of 3) Jurassic Sea Monsters to build and display: Elasmosaurus (14pcs), Ichthyosaurus (16pcs) and Mosasaurus (15pcs)
  • Each egg contains the museum-quality replica of a prehistoric sea reptile skeleton
  • Display each model on the included plastic stand
  • Assembly instructions and data card with scientific information about each specimen are also included in every egg
  • Paleontology Approved and STEM recommend for age 6+