Break Your Own (2) Large Baseball sized (3 - 4 inch) Geode Kit Bundle

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Product Description

Break Your Own Geode Science Kit Bundle Includes: (2) Large Moroccan Geodes ranging in size from (3-4 inches) or more, educational/instruction Card, canvas bag and safety goggles. 

Product Features

  • Break Your Own Geode Science Kit Bundle Includes: (2) Moroccan Geodes ranging in shape and size from approximately 3-4 inches (baseball not included).  90% are hollow with white quartz crystals and a few may be solid with quartz or calcite inside.
  • Educational and Instruction Card to learn more about your Moroccan geodes and how to break them open to reveal the sugary white quartz crystals.
  • A canvas bag in which to break your geodes and then as a keepsake to store your geodes. Write your name on the bag to claim your property.
  • Safety googles that must be worn to protect your eyes from flying pieces as you break open your geodes.
  • Break Your Own Geodes are great for instructional learning, teachers, students, party favors and prizes.
  • STEM Recommended for Ages 6+